Community Service

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Certain Spring days are devoted to Community Service projects. We believe these off-campus activities provide an opportunity for our students to not only help others, but also to learn more about our local community, our local environment, and meet individuals and organizations dedicated to sustaining and improving our community.

Required to Graduate!

All students are expected to devote at least 150 hours of time to community support activities during your high school career. Students who enter the school in their junior year must complete 100 hours before graduation; entering seniors must complete 50 hours. Community service may be fulfilled in a variety of ways, either on-campus or off-campus. It may also be fulfilled during school hours. For example, student teaching assistants earn 60 hours of community service for each academic semester they help to support.

Service Thru Internships

You may meet your community service requirements through the Internship Program. You’ll have the opportunity to volunteer your time working in “real-life” local businesses or organizations after school or on weekends. Not only will you give back to the community, but you’ll simultaneously learn skills you can’t get in the classroom. Furthermore, our students learn about themselves and get important experience on their career path, and a some get paid jobs as a result of internships.

Not part of Senior Project

The community service requirement is completely separate from the senior project, and hours spent on one may not be applied toward the other. Please note, while volunteering or completing an internship at a for profit business is an extremely valuable experience, such a commitment typically does not meet the “spirit” of service to others that we are seeking to imbue in our students.

Seek Your Own Path

While we provide ample opportunity for you to fulfill your Community Service hours, we also strongly urge that you seek out and create your own “opportunities” in the greater community by volunteering at a church or non-profit group of your choice. We continue to nurture relationships with many area non-profits, schools, and businesses in order to create solid community partnerships, and a couple of times a year the entire school devotes a half day or an entire school day to community service projects in the greater community.

You will need 150 hours of Community Service just to graduate from Bitney College Prep,

Projects that Bitney students have participated in include:

  • Visiting with and assisting senior citizens at a nursing home in Grass Valley
  • Working with elementary school students at Williams Ranch Elementary School in Penn Valley
  • Helping clear downed branches and cutting limbs in the Woodpecker Preserve on Banner Mt. with the Nevada County Land Trust
  • Assisting the South Yuba River Citizens League/Friends of Deer Creek with invasive plant pulling (scotch broom) and water quality monitoring along Deer Creek in Nevada City
  • Assisting the South Yuba River Citizens League/Wolf Creek Alliance with invasive plant pulling (English Ivy) along Wolf creek, on Wolf Road