Bitney Internship Program FAQs

1. Are employer hosts expected to train the interns?

Yes. An intern is not an employee, paid to do whatever you tell them to do. They are working for you in exchange for something much more valuable than money – knowledge. Skill. Understanding.

Mind you, it’s a two-way relationship – we choose carefully, train and coach our interns to assure they are willing, responsible, and ready for work.

2. How long will the internship last?

School semesters are about 18 weeks. Considering a little time to get things set up, first internships may last about 15 weeks. If the internship works out, and both parties agree, it could go on for 9 months or a year.  Summer internships are encouraged as well.

3. How many hours should I plan for?

Most students will intern from 4-12 hours a week.  This is just a guideline, and hours spent at the internship will be worked out between student and employer for each individual position.

4. When will the intern arrive?

Usually after school (either around 2:30 or around 3:30), but some students have early dismissal and could begin internships around noon. In some cases, students may do work on the weekend.

5. Will I have to put the intern on my books?

No – the intern expects no payment, and will be covered by the school’s insurance policy, so it will not be necessary to change your employment records.

6. What if the intern doesn’t work out?

All of the internship placements will be supervised by a certificated teacher and our career coach. If for any reason the employer is dissatisfied with the intern (personality issues, lack of commitment, tardiness, attitude), he/she will be able to contact us at Bitney and we will work to resolve the situation. Employers will not be stuck with someone who is not working out for them.

7.  How do interns get to the worksite?

Students are responsible for transportation to their worksite.

8.  Will interns be drug tested before being placed in the workplace?

This depends on the requirements of the employer host.  Students should be prepared to be tested, but most employers probably will not require it.

9.  What if there isn’t an employer host in the chosen field for the prospective intern?

Students and parents are encouraged to do their own outreach in the community to businesses they know or think would be a good addition to our program. 

10. What are the requirements for students to be placed in the program?

Students are required to have a 2.0 GPA, parent permission, counselor and two teachers’ recommendations, and to attend the Internship Seminar course (2 unit, graded class).

11.  Do students get credits or community service hours for their internship?

Students may choose to get either credits or community service hours. 

12.  What else is expected of the employer host?

In addition to training the interns, employers are expected to fill out a monthly assessment (either online or on a form provided) of the interns. 

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If you have more questions, please us at (530)-477-1235.