Ultimate Team

Air Traffic Control Coed Ultimate Team

Mautino Park – Tuesdays & Thursdays

Coach: Chris Schneider

Coach: Nick Bordner

Photo by Garrett Cooper

“When a ball dreams, it dreams it’s a frisbee…”
Stancil Johnson

Bitney Prep Students: Lt. Alec, Athena, Cass, Cori, Lt. Eddy, Lt. Ezra, Lt. Josh, Lt. Max, Lt. Milan, Lt. Timothy, (and you?)
Other Players: Emily, Lt. Ethan, Captain Isaac, Lt. Jeffrey, Jhai, Captain Jordan, Lucas, Mark, Maggie, Micah, Nell, Oliver and Tanner.

Latest “News”

We Need You!

The team is based on the commitment of the young men and women willing to come out to practice every week. Please help make Air Traffic Control a reality this year – come out to Mautino Park (in Grass Valley) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45pm to 5:00pm.

Overview and Team Philosophy

Ultimate combines the passing game of American football with the give and go ballet of basketball, and then extends both by using a projectile that can itself be taught to dance. Ultimate is a non-contact sport where the Spirit of the Game is taken so seriously that officials are only required at the absolute highest levels of competition. Ultimate is quite simply the most exciting, in-your-face game played anywhere on the planet.

Although Ultimate is not quite as popular a sport as basketball or football, it is nevertheless played by over 5 million people here in the United States. The game has a good international following as well, with teams established in over 40 countries. Most colleges have active Ultimate programs (some even offer Ultimate scholarships), with both open and women’s teams traveling regularly to tournaments that culminate each spring in the College Championships. Beyond college, the competition level increases dramatically, with very serious open, women’s, co-ed, and masters teams working hard each spring toward the Fall Series, which leads to the National Championships. At the other end of the spectrum are the numerous city leagues and pick-up games found in nearly every community across the country.

Unfortunately, most players who eventually become competitive don’t get started in the sport until college. The key to becoming an elite player is high school experience, including tournament competition against stronger teams. We’ll try to take the team to as many of these tournaments as possible. The local pickup group welcomes high school players, and has been organizing a very successful summer league for the past 5 years.

After focusing on Ultimate fundamentals for years, several of our players are becoming truly competitive. However, anyone who comes to practice gets to play. There will never be any cuts due to experience, skill level, or athletic ability. The focus is on having fun, rather than winning at all costs. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then show up to practice sometime soon.

Practice (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:45pm – 5:00pm)

The team practices and competes during the entire school year. All students must arrange for their own transportation home from practices, which take place at the Mautino Park fields in Grass Valley. However, there are often rides available (with adult drivers) from school to the fields. See Coach Schneider for a list of team phone numbers.

Team Discs Available!!!

The team is selling custom Discraft 175g Ultra-Star discs. This is the official disc of USA Ultimate, and sports the team’s logo. All discs are $10 each. Stop by the school office to buy your disc today.


Team History

Click on the links below for an early history of the team. There are team pictures posted for each year and for many of the tournaments:

The Spirit of the Game (from the original rules c. 1968)

Ultimate relies on a spirit of sportspersonship which places the responsibility for fair play on the individual. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of the bond of mutual respect between players. And never with an intention to abuse the agreed upon rules of the game, or destroy the pure joy of play. Actions that go against these basic principles may hasten the day when players no longer control the game. Playing by the Spirit of the Game will help Ultimate remain a sport where each one of us is free to decide, for themselves, what fair play means to him or her. Remember, no set of rules can replace players’ respect for one another and the Spirit of the Game.

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