Casey Brake

Casey Brake

Secretary, Registrar, Attendance


I’m born and raised here in Nevada County. I went through the Nevada City School District and enjoyed any sport I was put into. I enjoy water specifically the Yuba river and Scotts Flat lake. Kayaking and paddleboarding are some hobbies I’ve picked up again recently. I also enjoy playing disc golf, mountain biking, and the mobile game Pokemon Go.

I really enjoy Bitney Prep. The staff and students are very friendly.

After graduating from a large high school and taking college classes with over 80 students, it’s refreshing to see a school where all the teachers know all the students’ names. It adds far more of a personal touch and helps every student succeed. The Internship program that the students go to each Wednesday is what I like the most. I enjoy asking the students about what business they are learning at. I think having the students get that real-world job experience is so important for their future.