The Big Picture

What makes us UNIQUE? You do.

Our students think independently, direct their own learning, and grow into adults who make a difference.

Here are some of the core principles that build on our established success with students:

ONE STUDENT AT A TIME – The learning experience is personalized to each student’s interests, talents and needs.

ADVISORY STRUCTURE – Advisory is at the core of how we know and respect each student, and personalize their educational plan. Students stay with an advisor and a group of fellow classmates, developing a strong support network.

LEARNING THROUGH INTERESTS/INTERNSHIPS – Real world learning is best accomplished in the real world. During the school week, students have the opportunity to work with experts in the students’ area of interest.

PARENT & FAMILY ENGAGEMENT – Parents are welcome and valued members of our community, supporting students and the school in various ways according to their own resources, skills and interests.

Big Picture Learning is an innovative educational framework that deepens our ability to deliver on our vision and mission.