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Bitney Prep Staff
Bitney Prep Staff 2023-2024

All Bitney Prep teachers are California credentialed educators who design and implement their own curriculum based on the individual needs of their students and the California and Common Core Standards.

Each Bitney Prep teacher also acts as an advisor for a group of students and stays with that group through the full four years of high school.


Kelly Casey — Spanish/Drama/Health

Jason Clark — English

Alison Harper — Math/Environmental Science

Tori Harris — Social Studies/Activities Director

Amy Pugel — Science/Business Math

Shana Stratton — Resource/Special Education

Valerie Jensen — Art

Kevin Barnum — Government/Economics, English, & Advisory

Julie Brown — School Counselor

Courtney Landrum — Resource Specialist

Caitlin Shelton — School Psychologist

Gohar Azarian — Speech and Language

Julian Janzaruk — Math Support/Math Lab

Akim Aginsky — CTE Instructor

Mike Baer — PE and Climbing Club

Rick Kirkpatrick — Music


Jonathan Molnar — Director

Casey Brake — Secretary, Registrar, Attendance

Angelina Young — Administrative Assistant, Business Manager

Jay Morse — Custodian