This may sound cliché, but high school is what you make it!

You may be perfectly happy taking full loads of classes for four years and graduating with a cherished Bitney diploma. But….there are some creative options along the way.

Our classes, by the way, are great. Our Core classes (US History, Geometry, English, etc.) are taught by some of the best instructors that you can find. Our credentialed teachers facilitate their classes that both meet California’s state standards (including the new Common Core standards), but will do so in a way that is dynamic, interesting, and ever-changing. Our Electives classes are taught both by our in-house teachers as well as experts out in the field who come in to share their expertise.

Beyond the Bitney classroom, you’ve got some more options, too. Take a Sierra class, apply for an Internship, find a place in the world to serve. You will be learning for your entire life, and high school (particularly Bitney) is a great place to learn how to learn.

For those bold enough, consider studying abroad for a semester, or even a year. We provide the school and the structure, though you design your experience!