Jonathan Molnar

Jonathan Molnar
School Director


Jonathan Molnar Bitney PrepI’ve worked with students from Kindergarten through High School. I’ve always enjoyed working with young people. They inspire me. Getting to see them learn and grow is both rewarding and entertaining. I was interested in working with a high school in this area and when I learned about what kind of a school Bitney is, I decided this is the kind of place I’d like to work.

Big Picture Learning works really well in a small school environment. It helps to create close relationships with students and it gives students the opportunity to learn and grow in a way that you wouldn’t normally find in a traditional High School setting.

My favorite things about Bitney are the students and the staff. I also love the Big Picture Model and how we go about education here. The thing that makes me most happy to come here every day is the people I get to work with. If you can’t have fun and enjoy what you’re doing, you should probably find something else to do.