Email Distribution Lists

One of the things that distinguishes Bitney College Prep is our focus on maintaining a close-knit school community. We strongly encourage all parents and students to join our Community Distribution List so that we can keep you updated with important school news and announcements. We recognize that most parents would prefer to avoid a flood of emails not specifically targeted to them, but traffic on the list is fairly light.

We also realize that computer users are understandably concerned about the threat of incurring additional unsolicited email (spam). Since all Community distribution list memberships must be authorized by the moderator, member addresses are kept private, and all messages sent to the list must come from members, joining won’t result in additional spam being to your account.

Community Distribution List

The Community Distribution List <> receives most school announcements (e.g., school newsletter, parent info nights, fundraisers, etc.) Membership is open to anyone interested in our school, but only members can send messages to the list. The list averages fewer than ten emails per month, so traffic is fairly light.

Joining the Community Distribution List is easy. Just click the link below which should launch your email program and create a new email addressed to the list moderator. Just include a note explaining who you are and your interest in the school, then send this email.

Please click here to join our Community Distribution List.

Staff Distribution List

Membership in the Staff Distribution List <> is limited to active staff and faculty, but anyone can send messages to the list. This is the best place to send information of interest to the entire faculty, especially sensitive information such as IEP and SST conferences. Posts to this distribution list are moderated (to prevent spam), so there will be a short delay (normally less than 24 hours) before your message gets approved by the moderator.

Google Groups

The two distribution lists addresses above are actually just aliases to two Google Groups (<> and <>, respectively). Google may try to get you to create a Google account, etc. as part of the sign up process, but since we don’t  have any special resources associated with either group, there’s no need to do so. We just use them to distribute emails.