Cascade Campers

Mentor: John Cassidy
Student: Max, Class of 2022

Max from the class of 2022 has an internship at Cascade Campers under the tutelage of his mentor John Cassidy. Cascade Campers is a local camper conversion company that does all of its work in-house, from cabinetry to upholstery.

Cascade Campers converts 2015 and newer RAM ProMaster City cargo vans into campervans in just a couple of days.

Max is learning all aspects of the business from his mentor. From the grunt work of conversions to the glad handling of customer service, Max’s internship days are rich, rewarding, and helping him decide where he wants to go in the future. The picture above is of Max’s workstation and a cabinet that he has done the wiring on. He makes the wires, sets up the monitor, and runs and connects it all in the cabinets. He is the main person in the shop for getting this done! He is also helping with a side project that is making standalone kitchen cabinets people can buy to put into vans that they are building themselves.

To find out more about Cascade Campers, visit their website at