Yuba River Charter School

Mentors: Lisa Wilkinson and Hollie Mudd

Students: Alexandrea and Sara, Class of 2025

Alexandrea and Sara, both from the Bitney Prep Class of 2025 have internships as Teacher’s Assistants at Yuba River Charter school. Alexandra is working with her mentor Lisa Wilkinson and Sara is working with her mentor, Hollie Mudd.

Yuba River Charter School is the first public charter school guided by the principles of public Waldorf education in the United States. Begun in 1994, Yuba River Charter School endeavors to develop free human beings who, of themselves, are able to impart meaning and direction to their lives. YRCS is a community of teachers and families uniting to inspire a love of life and learning for the whole child to serve the whole world. Through the curriculum at YRCS, they engage the mind, enliven the imagination, and strengthen the will through an education that nurtures the head, heart, and hands of the individual. Meeting the California state standards, YRCS integrates the arts in everyday life and develops capacities within each student, inspiring life-long learners to reach their highest potential.

As both Sara and Alexandrea are thinking about careers in education, getting the sort of hands-on, real-world education and experience provided by being Teacher’s Assistants in such a nurturing and supportive environment is helping them not only understand the skills it takes to be a top-notch teacher, but also it gives them a roadmap to understanding how to achieve their dreams. 

To find out more about Yuba River Charter School, make sure you check out their website at https://yubariverschool.org/