Corvus Bakery

Mentor: Laura

Student: Lainey, Class of 2023

Lainey, from the Bitney Prep Class of 2023, has a delicious internship at Corvus Bakery in downtown Grass Valley working alongside her mentor, Laura.

Corvus Bakery is dedicated to offering its customers a creative twist on classic bakery favorites. As the only 100% Gluten-Free bakery in Nevada County, they promise they offer a modern yet cozy space with no cross-contamination. “Only savory and sweet smiles here.” Corvus Bakery uses as many organic and fresh ingredients as possible.

At Corvus Bakery, Lainey is learning all about baking in a gluten-free environment, as well as customer service skills and what it takes to operate a successful small business in a niche market. Lainey couldn’t be happier interning at such a scrumptious place.

To find out more about Corvus Bakery, make sure you check out their website at