Harry Pelton, Taxidermist

Mentor: Harry Pelton, Taxidermist
Student: Skyler Hancock

harry pelton taxidermist grass valleyBitney Class of 2021 student Skyler Hancock has been interning as a taxidermist with his mentor, Harry Pelton. Pelton has been doing taxidermy since 1963 and is well-regarded throughout the country for his meticulous work. As a member of the California Association of Taxidermists, Pelton has won lots of awards and ribbons for his taxidermy of large animals, fish, household pets, birds, and more.

Through his internship, Skyler has learned all about cleaning and preparing skins for the work, attending to the molds to get the best fit, and learning about the aesthetics of properly positioning the animal. Skylar took this internship because he’s always had an interest in the art form, and, thanks to Bitney’s Internship Program, he’s had the opportunity to follow this passion to see if it’s for him.

Harry Pelton is happy for the help and is happy to see a young person interested in taxidermy. He’s glad to have the opportunity to pass on his knowledge of this fascinating art.

To find out more about Harry Pelton Taxidermy, please check out his website: http://www.harrypeltontaxidermy.com/index.html