Inspire Woodworks

Mentors: Danny and Tina Garner, Inspire Woodworks
Student: Josiah Susmilch

Josiah Susmilch from the Class of 2021 interns with his mentors Danny and Tina Garner at Inspire Woodworks. Josiah has been learning all about custom woodworking, making functional art ranging from custom bar tops to furniture to charcuterie boards. Inspire Woodworks is a family-owned business run by Danny and Tina of Circle G Farms. Together they create one of a kind pieces. Danny first learned to work with wood in his early years when he took woodshop in high school. Later, he constructed a cabin with his father where he used his endless creativity to make a special place for the family. Tina is just as talented as her husband and works right alongside him to give form to their creative visions, drawing out the design of each charcuterie board and helping to sand them to the perfect smoothness.

Josiah is loving every moment of his internship. Both Danny and Tina have taught Josiah a lot about how they do what they do, and they are now letting him create his own charcuterie boards.

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