Sacred Skulls Tattoo Studio and Gallery

Mentor: Judicael Vales, Sacred Skulls Tattoo Studio and Gallery
Student: Castiel Frost

Castiel Frost from the Class of 2020 has just started an internship at Sacred Skulls Tattoo Studio and Gallery in Nevada City under the mentorship of shop owner Judicael Vales.

Originally from France, Judicael’s tattoo experience spans over 15 years, studying in India and tattooing in France, England, Mexico, Bali, Indonesia, Nepal, and now Nevada City. His coveted style of tattoo weaves together four key aspects: sacred geometry, exploration of perfect balance, natural movement, and flow. He focuses on creating a ritualistic and intuitive relationship with each of his clients.

At his internship, Castiel not only gets to study alongside an incredibly talented and internationally renowned tattoo artist, but he is also learning about the day to day operations of being a tattooist, as well as the intricacies of running a tattoo studio. This experience has helped Castiel understand what steps he needs to take next to follow his dream of becoming a tattoo artist.

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