Spark’s Subsational

Mentors: Terri Alvarado and Dennae Cromer, Spark’s Subsational
Student: Socks Rutledge

Hungry? Future sandwich aficionado Socks Rutledge from the class of 2023 thinks you are. Socks is spending the second semester of their Freshman Year interning at Spark’s Subsational in Grass Valley. Opened in 1989 by Ken Archinek, the restaurant is now being run at the South Auburn Street location by cousins Terri Alvarado and Dennae Cromer who are showing Socks the ins and outs of not only how to make a delicious sandwich, but also how to operate a small business in a competitive market. While Socks is still early in their career exploration, they are happy to have landed at Subsational with such amazing mentors. So if you’re hungry for a good sandwich and want to support a local business that supports local schools, Subsational is your lunch spot today. And if you’re there on Wednesday, make sure you say hi to Socks.
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