Mountain Bounty Farms

Mentor: John Tecklin

Students: Molly and Maia

Molly and Maia are getting their hands dirty, literally, at their internship at Mountain Bounty Farms under the guidance of their mentor, owner John Tecklin.

At Mountain Bounty Farms, they grow a great variety of exceptional organic produce for our local community. Farming with love and care since 1997, Mountain Bounty Farm is a 50-acre organic family farm located high on the forested contours of the San Juan Ridge near Nevada City, California. Their main fields are on Birchville Road, where they currently cultivate 18 acres. The rest of the land is a beautiful mosaic of forest and meadows. They are the oldest and largest CSA farm in the Sierras. 

The farming style and philosophy at Mountain Bounty Farms are very simple. By being very attentive to the land, the crops, and the weather, they can succeed at the very challenging art of growing good food. Their techniques involve time-tested organic farming practices that above all prioritize care for the soil. They make heavy use of cover crops, beneficial insectary plantings, compost, and organic soil amendments. They are certified organic by CCOF, however; they see the organic standards as a starting point and believe that a much better job is possible. 

Mountain Bounty Farms aims to provide a reliable local source of the highest quality produce for our area, and to work towards the economic sustainability of our rural community. They also want the farm to be a place of inspiration and beauty, a place to reconnect to food and the joys of food culture. 

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