Nevada County Media

Mentor: Ramona Howard

Student: Victoria

Victoria has a cutting-edge internship at Nevada County Media working alongside her mentor, Executive Director Ramona Howard.

Nevada County Media (NCTV) has been serving the community for over 25 years. They operate a production facility that is available for their member community to utilize. All members of the community can submit content for distribution. NCM operates three cable channels and several on-demand channels. NCM teaches filmmaking, video production, scriptwriting, podcasting, music recording, photography, digital image editing, video recording, editing, and more to their members.

They also feature a 2,000 sq ft. production/event studio, two 500 sq ft. smaller studios, a 2,000 sq ft. meeting space & museum, four private editing rooms, two control rooms for live editing and streaming events, a large lounge, ample parking, high-speed internet, plenty of production lighting, cameras, audio equipment, and more.

At her internship, Victoria is getting a real hands-on experience in all aspects of media production, as well as the ins and outs of running a nonprofit organization.

To find out more about Nevada County Media, please check out their website at