Williams Ranch School

Mentor: Jennifer Ross

Student: Alex, Class of 2026

Alex is really enjoying his internship at Williams Ranch School working alongside Mentor Fourth-grade Teacher Jennifer Ross.

Williams Ranch School is a preschool through 5th-grade school settled in the foothills of Penn Valley,. The school was built in 1992 with a small country feel. Williams Ranch is a recognized Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) school. They are proud of their dedicated teachers, parents, administrators, and staff who all strive to inspire students to respect others, model safety, and always act responsibly by doing their best.

Williams Ranch School is founded on strong academics and enrichment programs that complement its Mission.

Through his internship, Alex is getting real-world, hands-on experience that is helping him decide if the teaching profession is something he really wants to pursue in his future.

To find out more about Williams Ranch School, go check out their website HERE