Foggy Mountain Music

Mentor: Mary Ellen Sorci

Student: Charlotte, Class of 2024

Charlotte from the Bitney Prep Class of 2024 spends her Wednesdays at an amazing internship at Foggy Mountain Music with the help and guidance of her mentor, Foggy Mountain Music’s owner Mary Ellen Sorci.

Foggy Mountain Music served its first customer in 1975 in its current location on West Main Street in Grass Valley, California. It is a full-line music store selling everything from guitars, drums, keyboards….. to banjos, ukuleles, horns, harps, and many other instruments you just do not find in the “big box” music stores. Foggy Mountain Music prides itself on providing individual customer service and pairing that with its vast and specialized selection of merchandise to create the kind of music store one remembers as a home to creativity for the rest of their life. 

Charlotte is getting a full experiential education at Foggy Mountain. She’s learning all aspects of what it takes to run a small business, while at the same time, learning the intricacies of a specialized musical instrument store – from restringing guitars to ordering harmonicas.

To find out more about what’s happening at Foggy Mountain Music, check out their website at