Grass Valley Florist

Mentor: Ingrid Peterson

Student: Paige, Class of 2023

Paige, from the Bitney Prep Class of 2023, has an internship at Grass Valley Florist, working under the direction of mentor and owner, Ingrid Peterson.

Grass Valley Florist is a local specialty shop featuring amazing bouquets for special occasions. They deliver fresh flowers to both home and office, create spectacular arrangements for weddings and other special events, and offer special services for memorials. They also feature a beautiful gift shop and a drive through coffee shop. Fresh flowers, unique gifts, plenty of smiles, and always hot coffee!

At her internship at Grass Valley Florist, Paige is getting hands-on, real-world experience learning everything one needs to know about running a thriving florist business, as well as flower arrangement, customer service, and inventory tracking.

To find out more about Grass Valley Florist, make sure you check out their website at