Mother Lode Veterinary

Mentor: Tavish Mathiasen (RVT), Mother Lode Veterinary
Student: Kaitlyn Jordan

mother lode veterinary internship bitney prepDuring her entire tenure at Bitney Prep, Kaitlyn Jordan from the Class of 2020 has been in internships working with animals. Starting with horse training at Starr Ranch her sophomore year, she then started working with a large animal veterinarian at Sierra Equine Vet Services. Now, as a senior, Kait is working at Mother Lode Veterinary with her mentor, Tavish Mathiasen, RVT, and is loving every minute of it.

At Mother Lode, while Kait does much of what a kennel assistant would do in the hospital setting such as cleaning, laundry, and hospital maintenance during the day, she is also becoming more involved in restraining animals to assist doctors and technicians in treatment, surgical procedures, and general patient care. She helps to prepare patients for surgeries, she’s able to sit in on surgical procedures, and she can ask questions of the doctors and technicians.

Of Kait, Mathiasen says, “It is very apparent that Kaitlyn cares deeply about animals and takes great pride in her work. She always does everything asked of her to the best of her ability and asks for assistance when it’s needed. She has the makings of a great veterinarian, technician, or whatever career she desires to pursue. If she works hard, continues to expand her skill set and knowledge base, I have no doubt she will go far in the field.”

Kait has every intention of continuing to work with animals in her future. She’s thankful to Bitney for providing so many opportunities to prepare her for success.