NC Kombuchary

Mentor: Sean Millar, NC Kombuchary
Student: Nico Paoletti

NC KombucharyNico Paoletti, from the class of 2021, is working with his mentor, Sean Millar, at NC Kombuchary, a family-owned and operated kombucha brewery in Grass Valley, assisting with production tasks around the brewery. Nico has helped label, sanitize and fill bottles, clean kegs, and keep the facility tidy. He is also learning to brew kombucha from scratch and create his own flavor.

NC Kombuchary has a passion for crafting an unparalleled kombucha full of locally and organically sourced whole food flavors. They are on a mission to “spread health, joy, environmental sustainability, and living wages!” echoing much of the sentiments Bitney hopes to instill in their students.

Nico is not only really enjoying his internship with Millar, but he is also learning all the soft skills he will need to succeed in the workplace.

Nico is also hoping that the peach and kiwi infused kombucha he is brewing will be a hit for NC Kombuchary.

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