Seven Hills Middle School

Mentor: Michael Malakian

Student: Alyssa Gates, Class of 2023

Alyssa Gates from the class of 2023 is interning at Seven Hills Middle School, working with her mentor, Michael Malakian, in the Special Needs Classroom, and she is loving every minute of it!

Alyssa’s internship starts at 8 AM on Wednesdays. Along with her mentor, she goes over the lessons for the day, takes attendance, and assists her mentor throughout the morning. In the afternoon, Alyssa gets to teach the 6 – 7th graders Math. Her favorite part of her internships is the connections she’s been able to form with the students, which is just a continuation of her experiences at Bitney Prep.

Alyssa plans on being a Special Education teacher in the future, and her internship is giving her valuable insights and experiences that she will be able to use to help her get a leg up as she moves forward.